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Google Consumer Surveys: a new game change from the information giant?

Google launched yet another of its products, and this time its no April Fools trick. “What is unequivocal is that there is now a new major (to put it lightly) competitor within the… Continue reading

Face recognition and restricting ‘consumers’ (but what about Blade Runner?)

A few weeks ago, an NGO picked-up a face-recognition system based on technology to implant their advertising campaign on the streets of London. Their objective in using this technology was to restrict target… Continue reading

Thinking design thinking

As a collaborative practice that combines style of thinking, qualitative research methods, creative approach and process methods in the way a problem can be handled, Couture always has its eyes wide open to… Continue reading

About Showrooming

If there is one name an ethnographically-based consultancy should know about is Genevieve Bell. Anthropologist, Intel Fellow, Director of User Experience at Intel, Genevieve Bell is one of the main reasons why ethnography… Continue reading

Cowbird Curiosities

We have been following Jonathan Harris’ work for a while now and were particularly interested in Cowbird, a major endeavour that Jonathan recently launched. This new line of participatory journalism/come storytelling intrigued us, so we… Continue reading

Some introductory words about netnography

Some clients and partners have asked us about a more theoretical explanation of netnography, just to understand what’s behind (or before) the process of interpretation, discourse analysis, semiotics… and then the most important… Continue reading

Why you’ll have to pay attention to Societal Computing

In his last keynote, Steve Jobs introduced the iCloud saying that our personal devices are now subdued to the cloud, where our personal information is stored. In the case of Apple’s iCloud, our… Continue reading

For the weekend: Balloons of Bhutan

We just love the work of Jonathan Harris, a guy interested in many things which are connected to what we do & believe here at Couture – such as computer science, anthropology, visual… Continue reading

The future looks bright

Couture spent the last week in London, listening to what our friends from The Future Laboratory had to say about, well, guess what…the future! We covered a lot of topics, ranging from the… Continue reading

Facebook and research: a netnographic big picture

While you don’t get here our brand new article about netnography, we recommend this recent post from Research World Connect (a project supported by Esomar) with Sean Bruich, head of Facebook’s Measurement Research… Continue reading