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Google Consumer Surveys: a new game change from the information giant?

Google launched yet another of its products, and this time its no April Fools trick. “What is unequivocal is that there is now a new major (to put it lightly) competitor within the… Continue reading

Face recognition and restricting ‘consumers’ (but what about Blade Runner?)

A few weeks ago, an NGO picked-up a face-recognition system based on technology to implant their advertising campaign on the streets of London. Their objective in using this technology was to restrict target… Continue reading

Thinking design thinking

As a collaborative practice that combines style of thinking, qualitative research methods, creative approach and process methods in the way a problem can be handled, Couture always has its eyes wide open to… Continue reading

About Showrooming

If there is one name an ethnographically-based consultancy should know about is Genevieve Bell. Anthropologist, Intel Fellow, Director of User Experience at Intel, Genevieve Bell is one of the main reasons why ethnography… Continue reading

New Year, new opportunities: Brazil overview

Everybody says that Brazil is a country full of opportunities. That’s right, but it doesn’t mean that you will just arrive and start earning money: this is not a weak colony anymore, indeed.… Continue reading

Competition and innovation-driven inclusive growth: an article from World Bank Research

Ok it’s a cliché, but are we facing crisis or opportunities? Is the glass half-full or half-empty? Wouldn’t be nice have innovation as the best path to resume growth? It’s not bad at… Continue reading

Couture new presentation

We have an updated presentation with our beliefs and work. Have a look:

Identity construction: Jägermeister and the targets puzzle

What makes us like one brand or product more than another in the same category? What makes us identify with something and feel that our identity is reflected in it? These and other… Continue reading

For the weekend: The School of Life

“In the old days most of us looked to religion for direction on how to live. Now we flick through the Sunday papers or surf the net, finding little by way of good… Continue reading

Some introductory words about netnography

Some clients and partners have asked us about a more theoretical explanation of netnography, just to understand what’s behind (or before) the process of interpretation, discourse analysis, semiotics… and then the most important… Continue reading