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Couture new presentation

We have an updated presentation with our beliefs and work. Have a look:

Identity construction: Jägermeister and the targets puzzle

What makes us like one brand or product more than another in the same category? What makes us identify with something and feel that our identity is reflected in it? These and other… Continue reading

The adventures of an economist in Qualitative Research: a matter of depth

“Hello my name is so and so, I am an Economist and addicted to large samples” Over the last years I’ve worked for a few regional planning consultancies. The research I have conducted… Continue reading

How high can you let yourself fall?

While comfortably settled in our new headquarter in São Paulo, outside I can see the window cleaners working high on the 24th floor, in the middle of São Paulo’s concrete jungle (yes, that’s… Continue reading

Forbidden Words (part 1)

  The process of starting-up a company is also a process of beliefs. We started this project because we believed that we could help our clients achieve innovation in a more solid, and… Continue reading

For the weekend: “Alto Relevo – An Ode to the Douro and Wine”

  This short film, based on visual poetry and directed by Graça Castanheira, was made in the beginning of 2011 to launch Quinta dos Murças and Assobio, two new wines from Esporão –… Continue reading