Monthly Archive: November, 2011

For Tomorrow: Ethnographic Films in Rio

If you are in Rio tomorrow, we suggest a visit to the Museu da República were the 15th International Ethnographic Film Festival is taking place. Here you can view films from all over the… Continue reading

Identity construction: Jägermeister and the targets puzzle

What makes us like one brand or product more than another in the same category? What makes us identify with something and feel that our identity is reflected in it? These and other… Continue reading

For the weekend: The School of Life

“In the old days most of us looked to religion for direction on how to live. Now we flick through the Sunday papers or surf the net, finding little by way of good… Continue reading

Some introductory words about netnography

Some clients and partners have asked us about a more theoretical explanation of netnography, just to understand what’s behind (or before) the process of interpretation, discourse analysis, semiotics… and then the most important… Continue reading

Why you’ll have to pay attention to Societal Computing

In his last keynote, Steve Jobs introduced the iCloud saying that our personal devices are now subdued to the cloud, where our personal information is stored. In the case of Apple’s iCloud, our… Continue reading

For the weekend: Rupextre 2011

“If anthropology is currently rediscovering its aesthetic side, which has long been hidden to aspire to a scientific status, on the other hand art has become aware of the artist’s political rule and… Continue reading

Social Distinction, cultural biography and the Fred Perry project

Fred Perry Subcultures recently launched a competition, incentivating the public to participate in a documentaries project about the brand’s role in English street culture, covering urban tribes from the 1950s to today. The… Continue reading

For the weekend: Balloons of Bhutan

We just love the work of Jonathan Harris, a guy interested in many things which are connected to what we do & believe here at Couture – such as computer science, anthropology, visual… Continue reading