Monthly Archive: October, 2011

The future looks bright

Couture spent the last week in London, listening to what our friends from The Future Laboratory had to say about, well, guess what…the future! We covered a lot of topics, ranging from the… Continue reading

For the weekend: The Other F Word

This november, USA theaters have the première of “The Other F Word“, a full-lenght film directed by Andrea Blaugrund Nevins. The documentary follows the challenges and conflicts of a group of classical old-school… Continue reading

Facebook and research: a netnographic big picture

While you don’t get here our brand new article about netnography, we recommend this recent post from Research World Connect (a project supported by Esomar) with Sean Bruich, head of Facebook’s Measurement Research… Continue reading

The adventures of an economist in Qualitative Research: a matter of depth

“Hello my name is so and so, I am an Economist and addicted to large samples” Over the last years I’ve worked for a few regional planning consultancies. The research I have conducted… Continue reading

Representing destinations

After a week spent in a tourism and film festival I came home with a feeling that the question of how to visually represent places, be they hotels, resorts, destinations or countries is… Continue reading

Holographic Entertainment and Education (in a car)

The importance of a fresh look over a well-known issue, according to Dr Steffen Walz, director of RMIT’s Games and Experimental Entertainment Laboratory (GEElab): “Where’s the fun in driving if you’re constantly stuck… Continue reading